Ray Tapajna


Cleveland, OH


Art That Heals- Every color has its own impact on our being.

Ray Tapajna is editor and artist at Tapsearch Com World and Ray Tapajna Info Net sites which now have 1000s of references and resources online.
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ART THAT HEALS : (you can also view it live and in motion at and show it this way to loved ones and others in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab, chemo therapy etc and let the healing waters come their way. Ray Art that Heals is based on color therapy and guide imagery studies. When you need a break come by and refresh your spirits and your day. Bookmark

ART THAT TALKS : Ray mixes his thought provoking art with articles on many of his news and issues sites. View most of them here or - Bookmark ( Search under Double Talk American Dream Reversed or Locked Out Workers Bearing Their Cross and you will find millions of references and result relating to our art that talks.

EVERLASTING FLOWERS : Ray has a selection of FOREVER MORE " Valentine Forever Flowers " with many styles and conceptions. Give her a valentine that lasts forever.

SPORTS ART COLLECTIBLES: Includes rare renditions of many baseball sports stars including Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio

As a completely free courtesy, Ray has several sites dedicated to unlimited free ways to promote your business, art, websites etc.
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The Clinton Years American Dream Reversed by Ray Tapajna


Double Talk from Clinton Years American Dream Reversed by Ray Tapajna


Cross of Nine Eleven Tangle of Terror by Ray Tapajna


The Sacrilege Walmart built in Grave Yard of Steel Industry by Ray Tapajna


The Indian - Luke at age 6 by Ray Tapajna


Endless Possibilities by Ray Tapajna


Quiet Intensity by Ray Tapajna


Mystical Stroll by Ray Tapajna